Sleep Disturbances
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Sleep Disturbances

Everyone wants a good night's sleep, including you!

sleepdisturbance1Even though you were sleeping all through the night, you may be experiencing sleep disturbances.  There are over 70 different types of sleep disorders. The 70 types are categorized in three areas: lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, and excessive sleep.  

Sleep disturbances occur throughout the night without you even knowing it, this can be caused by many different problems.  Keeping your body in shape, eating correctly, removing caffeine, and developing a good lifestyle can correct these problems.  

There are 5 stages in your sleep that your body must go through to achieve a good night sleep. This cycles over and over throughout the night.


Stage 1 – Light sleep and relaxation of the muscles. 
Stage 2 – Activity in the brain slows and eye movement stops.
Stage 3 – Brain waves become slow (delta waves) and small quick waves occur.
Stage 4 – Brain waves are all delta waves.
Stage 5 – (REM) Rapid Eye Movement – dreams occur.

It usually takes about an hour and a half to complete 1 cycle.  Sleep is needed for your body to function properly.  Taking care of yourself when you are awake can help you sleep well at night.  


If you are having problems with your sleep, we may be able to help.  Call our office to set up an appointment to go over your concerns and condition with Dr. Mason to see what may be causing your sleep disturbances.



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